The Parker Monaco 110 at the Best Price: Your Ultimate Guide

The Parker Monaco 110 at the Best Price: Your Ultimate Guide

Unlocking the Best Strategy for Purchasing a Parker Monaco 110 Outside Europe

The Parker Monaco 110 represents an exquisite blend of elegance and performance in the world of pleasure boating. Developed in collaboration with Tony Castro Design, this 33-foot (approximately 10 meters) model stands out for its ingenuity and modern appeal.

Innovative Design and Exceptional Features

This outboard boat incorporates a revolutionary design, merging the spacious layout of a cruiser with the latest advancements in outboard motor technology. A standout feature is the innovative sunbed covering the outboard motors. This unique feature not only reduces noise levels for passengers but also allows for adjustable cockpit space, offering unparalleled versatility. The Parker Monaco 110 is also equipped with a glass sliding roof and a canvas skylight, enhancing its practicality and comfort.

Luxurious Interior and Practical Amenities

The interior of the Parker Monaco 110 is crafted to provide comfort and luxury. It includes two well-appointed cabins, a bathroom with a standard-sized shower, and a spacious living area. The main deck features extensive seating space and a modern kitchen with a refrigerator accessible from the cockpit. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a warm and inviting ambiance, making this boat a pleasant living space for both day trips and extended stays.

Advanced Technical Specifications

  • Total length: 11.20 m
  • Total beam: 3.62 m
  • Maximum draft: 0.48 m
  • Weight without engine: 6100 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 700 L
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 200 L
  • Blackwater capacity: 40 L
  • Person capacity: 10
  • CE Category: B
  • Maximum engine power: 2 x 400 HP

These specifications highlight the Parker Monaco 110’s ability to deliver high-quality performance, with impressive maneuverability and speed.

Cost-Effective Purchase in Europe

What makes the Parker Monaco 110 even more appealing is its competitive pricing in Europe, particularly in France. While this model is available in the United States and Canada, it is often offered at a higher price in these regions due to various economic and logistical factors.

In contrast, purchasing the Parker Monaco 110 in Europe, specifically in France through the company BoatCible (, allows buyers to benefit from a more advantageous price. BoatCible is known for its expertise in exporting this boat model to numerous countries, providing an economical and convenient solution for international buyers. The purchase in Europe via BoatCible includes the transportation of the boat, eliminating additional costs for the buyer and making the option even more attractive.

The Parker Monaco 110 is a perfect amalgamation of design, comfort, and performance, making it ideal for those seeking a spacious and well-equipped outboard boat. With its unique features, luxurious interior, and impressive performance, it represents an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts. Moreover, the purchasing option in Europe, particularly in France through BoatCible, offers an attractive economic opportunity for international buyers, enabling them to acquire this exceptional model at a competitive price.


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